Saturday, January 04, 2003

hey everyone roslynd got a new beautiful car....yay for me
First grade teacher's name: ms. wrench
Last word you said: “dono”
Last song you sang: more then the local boys-the matches9i was juss listening to it in my car)
Last song stuck in your head: always- saliva

What's in your CD player: the locals, solemite teaser, and street to nowhere, pwt’s
What color socks are you wearing: white
What's under your bed: nothing…well maybe my cat
What's the weather like: perfect weather for the top down on my new car.
What time did you wake up today: 8:10a.m

Who do you want to marry: no idea
Are you going to college: yes.
Where do you want to go: dvc first then nyu
What is your career going to be: lawyer
Where are you going to live: california or ny
How many kids do you want: whatev
Kids' names: chloe, and dominic
Where do you want your honeymoon: somewhere?
What kind of car will you have: I love my new 98’ chevy cavolier, convertible, white w/ a black top

Friday, January 03, 2003

k hmm i thought that i might as well make some do able new years heres wut i can think of at the moment
-get a job and keep it
-get a car
-not be so shy around people
-try to control my agressive behavior a pinch
-keep up my grades
-get a bofriend(more of a hope then a resolution)
-take some sort of lessons to keep me busy and broden my horizens
-make more i love making friends
well that about all i can think of right now
the one and only

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

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Monday, December 30, 2002

[ Current Clothes ] umm jamma pants andd a red t-shirt
[ Current Mood ] mweh, pretty damn good.
[ Current Music] superman- thematches
[ Current Make-up ] none juss washed my face
[ Current Hair ] Up
[ Current Annoyance ] couples
[ Current Smell ] Ralph- by Ralph Loren…I smelll pretty haha
[ Current Desktop Picture ] matty Whalen in a cheerleading outfit
[ Current Favorite Artist ] hmmm I dono
[ Current Favorite Group ] The matches, and solemite
[ Current Book you're reading] Twisted Roots- V.C Andrews, and killer angels
[ Current CD in CD Player] the solemite “teaser”
[ Current DVD in player] I don’t have a dvd player
[ Current Refreshment ]ummm water
[ Current Worry ] whats happening tomarrow


[ You Touched ] umm carol I was juss at the movies w/ her
[ You Talked to ] carol
[ You Hugged ] josh (haha do u see a pattern)
[ You Instant messaged ] melli
[ You Yelled At] umm my dad?


[Food ] sushi
[Drink ] dr. pepper
[ Color ] pink, blue
[ Album ] loudermilk- the red album?
[ Shoes ] my converse w/ my wiked which shoe laces…thanx ryan
[ Candy ] necco
[ Animal ] cats
[ TV Show ]monk, dead zone, friends, osbournes, ect
[ Movie ] momento, Moulin rouge, dirty dancing, the thing, grease, and rhps
[ Dance ] ?..WEDGIE DANCE!!!!!……. hahaha
[ Song ] eryn fucking smith- the matche somg the new version is so great
[ Cartoon ] dexters lab…lol


[ Understanding ] indeed i believe so...
[ Arrogant ] sometimes
[ Insecure ] yup
[ Interesting ] no comment.
[ Hungry ] actually.. yeah...
[ Friendly ] Very...
[ Smart ] haha no.
[ Moody ] lol.. i can be.
[ Childish ] at times
[ Independent ]yes
[ Hard working ] at times.
[ Organized ] in some areas.
[ Healthy ] probably not.
[ Emotionally Stable ] mweh..
[ Shy ] around certine people.
[ Difficult ] hell yeah .
[ Attractive ] mewh.
[ Bored Easily ] i guess.
[ Messy ] lol.. yeah.
[ Thirsty ] yeah
[ Responsible ] most of the time
[ Obsessed ] ..*glances around nervously* of course not...
[ Angry ] not now
[ Sad ] always
[ Happy ] no
[ Hyper ] no ,tired
[ Trusting ] not any more
[ Talkative ] indeed
[ Original ] i wish...
[ Different ] i hope...
[ Unique ] yeah
[ Ignored ] hell yeah
[ Reliable ] 99.9%
[ Deep thinker ] HELL YEAH WHERE MY DEEP THINKERS AT ???yeah... *sits back down*
[ Sleepy ] yeah
[ Lonely ] always


[ Kill ] avril levign(sp?)
[ Slap ] Amanda garcia
[ Get Really Wasted With ] hmmm… Julia, Christina, lol then go to a show lol
[ Get High With ] nobody blaih...
[ Tickle ] Justin….lol
[ Look Like ] hmm anyone but me
[ Talk To Offline ] shawn
[ Talk To Online ] guys haha

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k hmmm lets see lets give the highlights of saturday night which was totaly awsome.....
-picked up carol at 5
-got to haciesnda crossing at like 5:30(not sposed to till like 6)
-fucking cold and raining
-went to starbucks like 3 times
-met up w/ sara
-then ryan and mike
-they went to best buy while sara and i sat in the cold bought tix, and waited for them.....
-went to starbucks yet again
-finally got into the movie got good seats
-me ryan carol and mike went to go get snax
-i get wited on by two very hot boys, the line was out in but fuck egypt...grr
-movie started....laughed alot when ppl died
-movie was pretty good
-orlando bloom is very sexy
-after the movie ryan made hand puppets in the projector light lol so hilarious
-went out to ryans car to get presants
-got cool stuff
-mike put on carols shirt and i took pics hahaha
-they left and then sara, carol, and i went to starbucks yet again for the last time
-went home and to bed
-omg there is a movie comming out called buletproof monk....hahaha

Sunday, December 29, 2002

Saturday, December 28, 2002

hahahaha....... bulletproof munk...hahaha a new movie comming tonight was really fun it was great seeing sara, ryan and mike but yeah lotr 2 was kinda ehh i laughed alot when people died lol...but yeah great fun and i love the presants i got from ryan yay...but yeah thats all for now im kinda tired nite everyone
k well yeah i guess alot ahs happened since i last updates but yeah lets see ill juss give yall the hilights cuz im juss to damn lazy to write it all
-lunch w/ julia and christina
-got my tape of shawn on the radio
-ate at an awsome noodle place
-interesting bathroom experiance...haha
-best desert poke poke poke
-julias incident...omg so funny
-guy at towers thinkin the k.g.b was a russian radio station
-christina's digital camera movies lol....
-or escapades w/ the chop stix
-underwear shopping lol
-and yeah thats about it fun...hahaha

now for friday....
-wahed my clothes
-took a shower
-listened to the new most awsome version of eryn fucking smith...aww so 50 times
-went to lunch w/ my aunt
-came home my stupid comp wouldnt let me check my frekin e-mail grrr
-did my hair
-picked up carol to go
-got micky dee's om the way to danville...very bad
-got there late but the opening band was behind us on the freeway so we didnt miss anything
-took a nice mile walk down to albersons on a dark unlit stree..haha...juss to get a disposable camera cuz i forgot mine
-made it back to the show alive
-umm bus drivers were an awsome band bought some merch
-umm hmm street to no where omg so great and so hot hahaha
-talked to the lead singer from street to nowhere for a while and he remembered me yay...he is so nice and hot
-umm talked to miles he is so nice and hes getting his voice back so it was cool
-said hi to justin and he gave me a hug...yay i wasnt expecting it so its so cool
-matches were so amazing i juss want to c them everyday
-got thrown around by wild ppl haha but i was in front so it was ok
-they all looked hot
-want to marry them all
-tried to call julias cell so she could hear audio but i couldnt get through to her....sadness
-umm hmm...met new people who saw the matches at saratoga for the first time and loved them so i talked to them for a while
-umm said bye to miles and he took my hand and said bye and thanx again for all of your help...aww hes such a cute old guy
-said bye to matt and he smiled and waved and said bye w/ the singer from street to nowhere...aww so hott
-left and couldnt wait for the next show
-now im sitting here bored outta my mind waiting for 4:45 to come so i can go get carol and go c all the people that i love and c lord of the rings 2
-now im goin bye

the one and only

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Wednesday, December 25, 2002